The ultimate roof slope covering that joins three distinct features:

Insulation | Protection | Solar

3 in 1 Roof helps engineers, architects, developers & planners meet new code legislations mandated for 2019, while it simultaneously provides a common sense solution that reduces raw materials in the attic to economically comply with emerging High Performance Attic (HPA) requirements.

Builders gain structural cost advantages when incorporating 3 in 1 Roof systems instead of conventional tile because our product weighs 110 lbs per square (10’x10’ area) and the overall system weighs less than 250 lbs per square. Engineering a structure to support an 8x lighter roof load reduces foundation, wall and rafter material costs, while maintaining desired curb-appeal.

3 in 1 Roof does it better than other roof coverings by being the 1st to introduce zero heat transference into attic. This eliminates condensation between attic deck & foam thereby preventing sub-surface rot, dangerous mold and future litigations.

Prior competitors’ ideas to combine a roof and solar module are certainly not in anyone’s best interest. They not only dramatically cost more than traditional roofs but have other short term negative results.

Standard roof products like asphalt, concrete, clay, aluminum, plastics, rubber, buildup and retain heat throughout the day increasing surface temperatures well into the upper triple digits. This high heat has an adverse reaction on solar cell efficiently (up to 50%) when the sun is at its hottest.

3 in 1 Roof features a highly UV resistant topcoat that keeps its surface temperature slightly above ambient temperatures. Also our durable foam embodiment prevents heat transference prolonging substrate life expectancy by approximately 300%, while it keeps attics cool saving up to 30% on BTU consumption. That means reduced monthly kilowatt needs lending lower fuel bills and most important, a lesser amount of solar cells needed to power the house! Consumers will reduce before they produce.

3 in 1 Roof is designed for the roofer by a roofing contractor located in South Florida. After hurricane Wilma, the contractor completed several hundred roofing jobs where he analyzed why traditional tiles failed under such extreme weather conditions and corrected those flaws in his design of the 3 in 1 Roof product.

3 in 1 Roofs install much, much faster than traditional tiles so roofers earn more annual profits without increasing personnel. 3 in 1 Roof will not break or crack under foot because it's underside patented wedge shape design eliminates potential fractures when too much pressure is applied. Also every horizontal and vertical row installs perfectly straight without chalking lines.

3 in 1 Roof has a urethane foam embodiment that’s as easy to cut with a handsaw, as paper is with scissors. Noisy gas powered, diamond blade saws and air‐born dust particles become a hazard of the past.

And if that’s not enough, roofing and building contractors can easily become solar experts because the product uses color coded plug and go solar technology for KISS installation.

98% of roofers solicited prefer the 3 in 1 Roof experience!