Home of the 200-mph wind resistant system

3 IN 1 Roof uniquely joins together R-16 insulation, extreme wind protection and solar power.

The invention will forever change the roofing and construction industry at a rate unseen since the introduction of the 3-tab asphalt shingle some 80+ years ago.

3 IN 1 Roof is ushering in a new protocol where the neighborhoods of today become the power plants of tomorrow!


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Introducing the most innovative power management platform,

Supremacy 1000™

Engineered for 99.99% reliability, Supremacy 1000 is comprised of 24Vdc Lithium Ion batteries for the highest energy density and lightest weight for fast charging, long life and fail-safe attributes.

The Supremacy 1000 heart or controller works as an intelligent gateway between the solar 3 in 1 Roof and the structure’s energy driven appliances and lighting. Supremacy 1000 can engage similar controllers next door or thousands of miles away.

Selectively shared electricity over distances, or Grid-Tie, is a bi-directional interface feature. Supremacy 1000 can share power within one’s housing association or considerately boost other like-energy patrons such as hospitals and schools under emergency situations.

Custom built for 3 IN 1 solar roof systems

Installed in attic for out of site storage