Single and double-wide size modular homes are the least energy efficient structures on the market due to their scaled-down walls, ceilings and roof rafters.

3 IN 1 ROOF systems are becoming the go-to roof covering for modular dealers because it enables modular manufacturers to bypass exterior vents in attic areas, creating a sealed environment that’s almost effortlessly heated or air-conditioned as the rest of the modular’s living space. Owners can use that climate controlled upper area for much needed storage space without fear of damages from dramatic temperature changes.

3 IN 1 ROOFS are installed within the modular factory, and due to their light weight and high-wind resistance, the homes can be easily and safely transported over highways to their destination. On-site, carpenters have no problems weathering-up the interior junctions and installing the system’s ridge tiles.

The end result is the most cost-effective, energy-stingy modular home a dealer can offer his or her potential customers!