The most technically advanced solar roof tile ever brought to market!

BIPV and what makes perfection, it’s all about the Platform!

The NEW “3 IN 1 ROOF” tile provides the perfect technology agnostic BIPV Platform that’ll outperform everything today’s (and possibly tomorrow’s) market has to offer!

A standard solar panel has 4 main parts, the back-sheet, encapsulated solar cells, glass panel and frame. Solar cells are fragile and glass has proven to be the best barrier. Standard roofing materials like asphalt, aluminum, cement or clay, slate, wood, even plastics are not suitable as the perfect “Platform” because they’re not either; rigid enough to prevent flexing and support a solar module, thick enough to house the solar wiring, resistant enough to sustaining UV heat, resistant enough to condensation, strong enough to support the weight of human foot traffic, light enough in weight for code approval on pre-existing structures, or easy enough to install for wide adoption by the professional roofer and builder.

The 3 IN 1 ROOF tile uniquely serves as both the frame and mounting base or “Platform” because it’s molded from dense 3-pound foam embodiment and coated with a UV resistant Geopolymer shell. Encapsulated solar cells and glass panel are set and sealed into the Platform for the ultimate integrated solar roofing system. 3 IN 1 ROOF far out-performs all BIPV system (including Tesla) because its insulator foam Platform satisfies each and every essential condition standard roofing materials cannot. Now add a 200+mph wind resistance factor, a lifetime tile warranty and great curb appeal and you have the best BIPV solution the world has ever seen.

In comparison to today’s 4’x6’ solar panels, stability (regarding flexibility) has been drastically reduced to achieve lower production costs. The more flexible the panel, the greater risk of permanent malfunctioning under high-wind conditions. Regardless, solar panels attach to roofs with rack mounts that penetrate weather barriers and tend to leak several years after panel installation. 3 IN 1 ROOF solar module upgrade eliminates future moisture penetration points, while offering a stable, high-wind resistant solar solution.

3 IN 1 ROOF platform allows for a truly integrated solar module uniquely designed in every way. Some main brand roofing systems advertise solar integration as grouping solar against or fixed to their standard product, but that's inaccurate under definition. Mixing solar along side or affixed on top of traditional roofing is not integration. In comparison, a classic engine attaches a much needed battery, but the auto isn't defined as battery power-driven.

3 IN 1 ROOF is the only Platform perfectly suited for BIPV high-sloped rooftops, plus it is forever technology agnostic! This means the Platform can incorporate any current or future encapsulated solar cell science. Today the module relies on tried and true solar panel manufacturing processes. However as new technologies prove themselves, that knowledge will always integrate into the perfectly suited 3 IN 1 ROOF BIPV Platform.

Patented in 43 countries, the 30-year agnostic module is the only “replaceable" solar solution found in an integrated roofing system. None of the few truly integrated solar roofs on the market allow for the solar to be simply switched over or "upgraded" to tomorrow's technology without disturbing some, if not all, of the roof system to "renew" aged or accidently damaged solar cells.

3 IN 1 ROOF is the first and only company to develop, patent and manufacture a code compliant, Class A fire rated, foam roofing tile and BIPV Platform for high-slope roofs. Under comparative analysis to every solar option that has (or has not) made it to market, 3 IN 1 ROOF is the only practical solar solution engineered to deliver superior benefits to each and every stakeholder within the chain.

Introducing the most innovative Power Management System

Supremacy 1000™

Engineered for 99.99% reliability, Supremacy 1000 is comprised of a 10 kWh, 24Vdc Lithium Ion battery energy storage unit, a power server, DC to AC inverter, and all needed Cat 5LV (Low Volt) wiring for the most efficient charging and highest energy density storage combined with light weight, long life and fail-safe attributes.

The Supremacy 1000 heart or controller is branded DESTINE™ a very unique and simple plug and play Network Lighting Systems that allows anyone to install energy efficient lighting in their home or business.

DESTINE (Distributed Energy Storage Total Integrated Network Environment) is the 1st product of its type that provides for an LED lighting network utilizing DES (Distributed Energy Storage). Such an electrical environment enables uninterrupted DC power supply to dedicated lighting, surveillance cameras and other devices that need to remain active in the event of AC grid failure.

Supremacy 1000 works as an intelligent gateway between the solar 3 IN 1 ROOF and the structure’s energy driven appliances and lighting. Supremacy 1000 can engage similar controllers next door or thousands of miles away.

Selectively shared electricity over distances, or Grid-Tie, is a bi-directional interface feature. Supremacy 1000 can share power within one’s housing association or considerately boost other like-energy patrons such as hospitals and schools under emergency situations.

Because the 3 IN 1 ROOF system prevents solar gains from entering into the attic area, the temperature of the attic will reflect the cooler morning temperature all day long. Controlling attic temperatures enables the complete Supremacy 1000 system to be installed inside the attic where its lithium ion batteries will not be compromised by normal attic heat. By incorporating it directly beneath the solar modules, the energy created will not be lost as it would be through lengthy strands of wires, resulting in the most efficient system on the market.