Privacy Policy


  1. 3 IN 1 ROOF Inc is the only operator collecting or maintaining personal information through the website.
  2. A member (any visitor or other person making use of the website) may contact.  using the following information:


3 IN 1 ROOF Inc
5041 Kitridge Rd.
Dayton, Ohio 45424
Telephone: 833-3n1-roof

Please review the “Terms & Conditions” of Usage. 

Collection of Information

The website actively collects information from its members such as first and last name, job street address, city, state and zip, email address, phone numbers.

The site reserves the right to passively collect information related to site usage such as time spent on site, areas visited, and sites linked to and from. In the future, the site may collect additional information and may install cookies on members’ hard drives.

If an individual contacts any employee or affiliated person, a record of that correspondence may be kept.

The site is prohibited from disclosing personal information.

 Usage of Information

Personal information is used for recordkeeping, order management, products on the site, the fulfillment of requested transactions, and personal correspondence only to individuals who have consented to order.

Personal information collected from individuals is not disclosed to third parties, except companies with which the web site is affiliated by business. The site may retain third parties to review certain personal information to advise it on demographic and marketing related issues, typically on an aggregated basis, and only after such third parties have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of any personal information obtained.